The following stories come from Beacon of Hope, our partner in Nairobi, Kenya:

Janet has lived in Ongata Rongai, Kenya for most of her life. She is a wife and mother and has a strong desire to change her life and the lives of her children. Janet received training in weaving at Beacon of Hope. The goal of this vocational training is to assist women in becoming economically empowered. [Continue reading Janet's story here.]

Her day starts as early as 4am, when most people are making another turn in their beds for that final dream before day breaks. This is a routine that Naomi has developed over a long period of time. It has enabled her to be ahead of the pack in her business. [Continue reading Naomi's story here.]

Margaret is over seventy years old, and life is getting harder for her. She once believed that in her old age she would rest and watch her children and grandchildren enjoying themselves. [Continue reading Margaret's story here.]