Her day starts as early as 4am, when most people are making another turn in their beds for that final dream before day breaks. This is a routine that Naomi has developed over a long period of time. It has enabled her to be ahead of the pack in her business.

Being a hard and smart working woman, Naomi has grown her business to a wide spread network of wool suppliers, wool carders, spinners and yarn buyers. This began twenty five years ago when she ran her wool spinning business using a manual spinning wheel. Her quality of yarn spread her fame, thus increasing the number of yarn buyers.

Over the years, Naomi has defied the high poverty levels around her to give herself and her family a dignified lifestyle. This was not an easy feat because of the environment in which she lives. As one enters her neighborhood in the Kibera slum, one is hit by the congestion of the iron sheet houses and unpaved roads.

Beacon of Hope would not be able to achieve the production of woolen carpets were it not for partnerships with women like Naomi who spin sheep wool for a living. Beaconís prompt payments for yarn have helped her to keep her children in school and to continue providing for her family. To date, two of Naomiís children have attended middle level college, giving them a hope for employment in the future.