Margaret is over seventy years old, and life is getting harder for her. She once believed that in her old age she would rest and watch her children and grandchildren enjoying themselves.

But, HIV/AIDS has changed everything. Margaret has watched many of her children make bad choices. Several returned home, infected with HIV. Two of her children died from their infections, leaving her to care for six grandchildren. Though she is tired, Margaret refuses to give up because she loves her grandchildren deeply. Margaret is thankful to Beacon of Hope for the vocational instruction she received; it gives her hope to keep going even when things are so difficult. She is confident that her training will help her earn an income so that her family can survive.

At Beacon of Hope, Margaret also received training in home-based care for those infected with HIV/AIDS. She decided to pursue this coursework because she understood too well the pain caused by HIV/AIDS. Her hope is to use her new skills to comfort those impacted by this widespread infection.