Janet has lived in Ongata Rongai, Kenya for most of her life. She is a wife and mother and has a strong desire to change her life and the lives of her children. Janet received training in weaving at Beacon of Hope. The goal of this vocational training is to assist women in becoming economically empowered.

Following Janetís graduation from Beacon of Hope, Evelyn School of Design approached Beacon to inquire about hiring a trained woman for their institution. Immediately Janet was considered for this position, as she had proven to be dedicated and excellent at weaving rugs. After careful consideration, the design school hired Janet into their program as a trainer.

Beacon of Hope equipped Janet with the necessary skills to improve her life. She entered the center with no vocational training of any kind and left a woman with skills and a new passion to change the direction of her life. Through her dedication and passion, she was identified as a woman with incredible potential. She proved herself and those at Beacon of Hope are proud of her for taking a step of faith and changing her life!